The VIP, All-Access Pass To SKULLANA FEST


Winning one auction could guarantee you an edition from all 50+ SKULLANA FEST artists. Presenting the SKULLANA FEST wristband. You dont need it, but you definitely WANT IT.

At the start of every drop on the SKULLANA FEST calendar, we will reserve 1 edition for each of the 5 wristband holders. Each piece will be airdropped directly to the holder’s wallet. It’s the ultimate white-glove service for collectors.

SKULLANA FEST features work from +50 of the best Solana artists and this pass is the only way to guarantee you walk away with a complete set. Plus, you won’t have to stress about missing your favorite artists because of time zones, last minute work meetings or sellouts.

Four wristbands will go to auction on Sep 26th-29th. The 5th and final wristband will be offered as a $SKULL auction.

So, if you’re a Collector DAO, a Solana whale, a Patron of the Arts, or simply can’t take the chance of missing one of these SKULLANA FEST masterpieces, get ready. The first auction will start on Monday, Sept 26 at 5pm UTC.