How to Prepare

Stake your skulls. Clear your calendar. Gather $SKULL.

$SKULL will be the key to everything. If you haven’t accumulated enough from staking, your next best option is to Raydium swap for it.

There will be roughly 2000 total editions available for mint throughout the month. Most pieces will cost anywhere from 5k-20k $SKULL depending on the number of editions made available. Our headliner artists will have the most limited editions and will cost 40-60k $SKULL, depending on the piece.

The total cost to collect one of every item will be roughly 600k $SKULL. However, just like last year, we don’t intend or expect for every person to be able to collect every single piece. For our most avid art collectors that want to ensure they get everything and don’t want to worry about having to mint each piece, go read about wristbands.