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Hi I am Joseph aka JhennyArt from Ghana but based in London. In 2017 I travelled through South America and began a T-shirts design company with a friend, purchasable in Amazon Merch, Redbubble and Esty. 2018 I moved on to creating my own artwork, for the joy of it all. My style grew organically from my most dear interests; Manga, anime, music (kizomba, Salsa, Amapiano, Neo Soul, Hip hop), black culture and shining a positive light on people who use prosthetic Limbs. I started my NFT journey in march 2021 creating and minting artwork on Opensea, foundation and Zora. I am now a member of the AfricanNFTcommunity, Water&Music & Protein DAOs. I have been a contributor to season 1.5 of Water & Music Stream report (https://stream.waterandmusic.com) I also created a reports called 'The Gu1de' to help artists with onboarding, marketing, understanding smart contracts and more. visit https://jhennyart.carrd.co

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