Skullana History

On October 1, 2021, The 6,666 SKULLS of the Skeleton Crew project were minted on Solana. After an immediate sell-out, the team set out to deliver on their campaign promise of “31 days of airdrops”. The tools to execute a massive number of airdrops didn‘t exist back then, so the team built them and open-sourced them for the community.

Every day in October, SKULL-holders had a chance to be airdropped exclusive works from some of Solana‘s earliest 1/1 artists, most of whom we now consider the OGs of the ecosystem. The Skeleton Crew also dropped NFTs from other projects including Degen Apes, Solsteads, Galactic Geckos, and yes, DeGods – far before they had captured the market share they have today. Had you held any of those, or the airdropped limited editions from John Le, Zen0m, and more, you would realized more than 10x on your SC mint.

We had big ambitions to deliver on other parts of our technical roadmap, like building out our art generation platform, Treat Toolbox, which helped some of those same artists launch their first collections. Though airdropping proved to be a costly endeavor, SKULLANA FEST is born anew in 2022 with a fresh format, new artists, and all the same excitement!

The spirit of “spooky-season” on Solana, is due for revival, and what better way than participating in SKULLANA FEST for our 1-year anniversary!